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rencontres territoriales antilles guyane We do it all when it comes to getting found online, we specialize in inbound and outbound marketing and search engine optimization. Our internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques always prevail and never fail because we stay ahead of the curve. We always stay plugged in with the well known experts and follow Google and other search engine guidelines. At Chomp Digital we provide website optimization that will last today, tomorrow and well into the future. We do not practice black or gray hat techniques, we are strictly white hat seo specialists. We take what we do very seriously and know the importance of optimizing a website the right way. Don’t be fooled by other overnight seo companies that promise page one results, these companies can actually destroy your websites online presence in no time at all and in some instances even overnight. Don’t listen to everything your hear, we encourage everyone to please do your research before making any serious buying decisions when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking with the top search engines.

look at this website Now let’s see how educated you are in search engine optimization and find out if your website is fully optimized or in need of some assistance form Chomp Digital. Below we have created the following questions to help assist with your websites current seo strategy. These questions are designed to help you better understand how much is involved when it comes to optimizing any and every website.

Web Site

rencontre business Ask yourself the following questions to see whether or not your website is fully optimized and click here to learn about our SEO in-house process.

my latest blog post
  • Do my images have appropriate alt tags added to them with specific keywords that best describe each image?
  • Is my content relevant, non-duplicate and is it written for the readers?
  • Do my pages have H1, H2, H3 tags in them and if so, do they have the correct keywords and modifiers added to them?
  • Is there a good amount of keywords within my on-page content and do I have any good long tail keywords included in my content?
  • Do I have strong unique meta titles and meta descriptions set for each page and post?
  • Do I have good anchor text links inside of my on-page content that direct visitors to relevant pages and content that Google respects?
  • Have I performed any keyword research to create content that searchers are looking for?
  • Are my urls search engine friendly?
  • Do any of my pages have dynamic urls? (Is there a “?” present in your url?)
  • Do I have any scripts installed that may not be needed that might be slowing your website down when loading? click here to view our SEO process.