Google Plus Authorship & Author Rank in Phoenix

been dating for 3 months hookup download enter 1er message site de rencontres click inwestowanie w opcje binarne forum cfa hookup Here at Chomp Digital we stay up to date with the latest trends and focus our efforts on strategies that work. In today’s digital marketing there is broad range of tools and specialized tactics to help websites and business rank high in search. One of the hottest items for gaining reach online is through Google+. Google Plus is changing the way we search and is amplifying relevant matches to all search queries. Google has been working hard for the past three years to help remove spam online and to provide higher quality search results.

Now you’re probably asking yourself why is Google Plus getting all the buzz?
Over the past year and a half, Google has developed a new tool online called Google Plus Authorship. Google+ Authorship is associated with Google+ profiles that allows users to associate their accounts with content that they contribute online. Google+ users can now claim ownership for content they have contributed to on websites that they’re associated with. By having authorship integrated and being an active user, you can establish what’s called Author Rank. Author rank is now being talked about as a ranking signal under certain conditions that follow Googles guidelines. If you have authorship integrated in to your site, Google is making an effort to give higher rankings to top contributors that are considered to be authorities in their market, profession or industry. Now there’s still no truth or real data to prove these theories, but the professionals in the marketing industry are moving on authorship and taking advantage before its too late.

We are those professionals that have been taking advantage of authorship and have a great deal of knowledge of how it works and how it helps businesses online. Our SEO specialst Justin Yingling is a top SEO contributor in a variety of SEO Google+ Communities helping people and business owners alike daily. You should follow him on if you’re looking for solid answers in SEO and digital marketing. He’s an avid contributor in G+ and loves helping others. Having Justin on our team is a luxury, his dedication and passion for Google products is unbelievable. Over the past year he has successfully helped numerous of clients with their authorship integrations and has taught them how to be kings in the G+ Online Community. If your competitors haven’t jumped on board with authorship, nows your chance to get ahead of the game. Contact us today to set up a free consult with our G+ guru and let Justin lead your business to success with Google+ and Google Plus Local for business. You won’t regret it!