Email Marketing & Design Services in Phoenix, AZ

Email marketing is a powerful resource for distributing your products, services, specials, events, and much much more. At Chomp Digital we have lots of experience in creating stunning email campaigns that deliver a clear message and produce high quality conversions every time. When it comes to email marketing, we know what’s important, what’s effective, and what works. Email campaigns are a great source for generating lots of direct traffic and conversions through email.

How should a company start marketing through email and what are the options?

There are several routes you can take when choosing to market through email. The first step is choosing a third party email or newsletter provider, free or commercial. For most companies just starting off we recommend using a free email provider like Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp is a great starter platform for companies that have small subscriber lists. As a free email service, Mail Chimp offers a free solution for subscriber lists of up to two thousand. Subscriber lists that exceed two thousand will have to switch to a paid monthly plan. If your list is over 2k subscribers you can use a popular paid service like iContact or Constant Contact. Both systems are very similar when it comes to features but not in price. Constant Contact is a more affordable but we leave that for clients to decide for themselves. Each email platform offers multiple lists, filtering, raw html, true text, and social integration’s. No matter which one you may may choose, our team can assist in making an educated decision for which system will benefit your business the most.

What about designing email campaigns and how much will it cost?

At Chomp Digital we’ll design everything for you, all we need is your direction. Designing custom email blasts is one of our specialties and no matter what the campaign may be, our team will create it. We recommend that our clients campaigns should standout from the rest and deliver a message with a personal look and feel. We do not recommend using any free templates or ones that are provided to you from third parties, they are not as powerful and are less personable.

If you decide to go with a custom solution from us, our prices are very competitive. A lot of companies charge on either per hour for design time or a flat fee for pre-made templates that are supplied in-house. On average most email designs will start as low as $300 and can go up to $2,000. For general campaigns that have five to ten images usually cost around $650 from start to finish. In all cases campaigns are priced based on the time it takes to design each one. All email designs can be stored in our cloud and used again to help reduce cost for more frequent campaigns that utilize the same layout. Our email design cloud will help you save time and money. No other digital marketing firm in town offers our custom email template cloud solution.

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